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Initiator of one of the most comprehensive research projects worldwide on the effect of mindfulness in working life. In this context he lead and implemented mindfulness trainings in more than 25 large companies. See also Publications / Conferences

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  • Physics studies at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (London); MBA at the University of Texas
  • Six years experience as Consultant in ‚The Boston Consulting Group‘ (Munich, Kuala Lumpur, London)
    Focus: Automotive Industry, Industrial goods
  • Director of Kalapa Leadership Academy, Kalapa Hotels Ltd, Upaya Ltd.
  • Mr. Tamdjidi also has more than 20 years of experience in contemplative and mindful methods
  • Born in 1970; he lives with his family in Cologne

Mrs. Stephan is head of Kalapa Leadership Academy and Systeamotion. Working with a systemic approach, she focuses on management consultation and development, coaching and authentic leadership. Liane Stephan has been a trainer for coaches for 15+ years now. See also Training in Systemic Coaching and Publications / Conferences

She has been practicing mindfulness for 35+ years and has integrated meditative and contemplative practices into her life and her work.

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  • Approved / Certified Systemic Adviser and Trainer and Coach (DGSF and ProC Association), Supervisor, Organisation Development
  • Master in Sports studies; focus: The Psychology of Motivation (Coaching in Competitive Sports) and Dance / Theatre Education
  • Feldenkrais practitioner (Hamburg, San Francisco): Body-Mind-Technique
  • Integrative Gestalt therapist (kinesiatrics) at the Fritz Perls Institute (Hückeswagen)
  • Systemic Counselling and Supervisor at the IFW (Weinheim)
  • Coaching has been Liane’s passion for over 30 years. She has lead trainings for many well-known learning institutes
  • She was trained in contemplative mindful-based methods and Aikido
  • Born in 1957; she lives with her family near Cologne

"The basis of intelligent leadership is mindfulness. Being mindful means to be present, hence you are able to perceive the inherent potential of the present moment. You are able to make clear decisions and mindful meditation helps to strengthen those abilities."

Mr. Thalhammer has been managing director and entrepreneur, he currently works as consultant and trainer. His work includes topics such as leadership, management, meditation, dealing with stress and resilience. Mr. Thalhammer is member of a board of directors.

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  • Degree ‚Chemical Engineer‘ (Technical University of Vienna)
  • Entrepreneur for real estate (over 20 years experience)
  • He had several management jobs (economy and politics); CEO of an international company for more than 18 years
  • In 1978 he began to meditate; he is a meditation teacher for 25 years now.
    He also leads and guides seminars for more than 20 years
  • Hatha Yoga Certificate, Gestalt Therapist, Eidos Therapist (Fritz Perls Institute)
  • Psychotherapic Group Supervisor (according to Ekkart Schweiger)
  • Leadership Trainer (London Business School)
  • Born in 1951; he lives in Vienna and hast wo daughters


Miss Maclaren is an Oxford-based trainer and coach with a focus on creating custom mindfulness programmes for conferences, leadership and executive education, and student groups within the University of Oxford. She had an early introduction to contemplative and mindfulness methods and has been teaching internationally for individuals and organisations for more than 10 years.

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  • History studies (cultural and intellectual), King's College London, University of Oxford
  • Meditation trainer certification, 2004; advanced teacher training, 2007
  • Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor
  • Action Learning facilitator
  • 13 years experience designing and directing workshops, programmes, and more than 30 residential retreats for leading business schools, multi-national law firms, universities, companies and charities
  • Born in 1981, she lives in Oxford and London


Tessa Watt has worked as a mindfulness trainer and consultant since 2009, and has practiced mindfulness for over 20 years. Tessa is author of Introducing Mindfulness: A Practical Guide (Icon, 2012) and Mindful London (Virgin, 2014). She is co-chair of the 'Mindfulness in the Workplace' strand of the Mindful Nation UK inquiry, launched in October 2015 by the All-party Parliamentary Group for Mindfulness. She has taught mindfulness in a the Houses of Parliament, Penguin Random House, Accenture, Amazon, Transport for London, Otsuka , Helaba, University of Westminster, Lambeth College, Health Education England, and a range of other workplaces.

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In her earlier career Tessa was a Research Fellow in History at Cambridge University, where she completed her PhD, and then for 16 years a senior producer with BBC Radio and Music.

  • Tessa is co-presenter of Be Mindful Online, the Mental Health Foundation's online mindfulness course which has trained thousands of participants since 2010.
  • She is co-founder and director of Being Mindful, a London-based mindfulness training organisation.
  • She is an Associate of The Mindfulness Initiative, working with parliamentarians, media and policy makers to develop recommendations on the role of mindfulness in public policy and the workplace.
  • Tessa has written and been interviewed on mindfulness-related subjects for many leading media outlets including the Telegraph, Times, Independent, Evening Standard, Good Housekeeping, Huffington Post, BBC Breakfast TV, BBC Radio 2, BBC London and others.
  • Tessa lives with her family in south London


Barbara works as coach, consultant and trainer with focus on mindfulness, personal and leadership development. Her passion is enabling people to live up to their vast potential. Her tools are practical and easy to integrate into modern life.

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  • 12 years of leadership experience in a fast-growing international industrial group. Her last position was Head of Controlling, leading a team of diverse people and being the interface to various internal and external stakeholders, both nationally and internationally.
  • 3 years Corporate Finance Consulting and Audit at one of the Big Four
  • Master diploma in International Business Administration from the University of Vienna
  • Certifications for Coaching (Trigon Entwicklungsberatung, Vienna), Search Inside Yourself (the mindfulness program born at google), INSIGHTS MDI
  • Continuous education, conferences and retreats
  • She works in German and English
  • Barbara lives in Vienna

“Mindful leadership is not adding, it is going deep. It is transforming people into compassionate and courageous leaders.“



Susan Peacock is a Chartered Psychologist, Coach and Mindfulness trainer.  She worked at the University of Surrey for 10 years where enhancing wellbeing amongst the 15 000 members was part of her remit.  Prior to that, she spent 10 years working in corporate advertising environments, so understands and appreciates the realities and challenges of working in large organisations.

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Recognising that we operate in an increasingly uncertain, highly pressurised environment, Susan offers training underpinned by Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and resiliency coaching.  Susan is a highly skilled mindfulness trainer and is sought after by businesses and individuals for the impact she has made through introducing them to mindfulness.  Her ability to adapt mindfulness to a business setting makes her stand out in this rapidly growing movement. The interactive approach used offers individuals and teams ways of engaging with life in a more energised, productive and sustainable manner.

Susan has run Mindfulness based interventions in a range of settings which include a number of Sunday Times Top 100 companies to Work For including global media and advertising agencies Starcom Mediavest; Leo Burnett and Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), as well as  News UK, RPC Law, Oxfordshire County Council, The Whitehall and Industry Group (WIG) and McKinsey Consulting.

Mr. Nitsche works for Kalapa Leadership Academy and Systeamotion since 2008. Right from the beginning of his studies he integrated mindful-based methods into life and work.

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  • Diploma of Adult Education/ Counselling (University of Cologne),
    Certificates in:
    - Systemic Counselling
    - Outdoor Education (Catweasel Cologne)
    - Yoga and Meditation (University of Cologne)
    - Systemic Coaching (Systeamotion)
  • Focus: Individual consulting and coaching, company training ‚Mindfulness in Working Life‘
  • Born in 1980; he lives with his family in Bonn near Cologne

"Having confidence into the wisdom of your experience and rejoice our inherent intelligence – it enriches our lives and makes mindful meditation so useful."

Veronika Bauer is head of the family-owned telecommunication enterprise. As trainer and consultant she focuses on management development, organisation development and intercultural issues.

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  • Electrical Engineering studies at the Technical University of Munich
  • She worked as an interim manager in a start-up company (pharmaceutics)
  • Mrs. Bauer was European Officer in a medium-sized company (logistics) and management consultant at ‚The Boston Consulting Group‘ in Munich, Boston, Hong Kong – focus: industrial goods, technology, strategy, organisation development and process enhancement
  • She is trainer and instructor for seminars at the Kalapa Leadership Academy; she works with the international management consultant group ‚TSL & Partners‘ (Amsterdam) and is trainer at ‚The Bridge‘ who train and coach leadership manager
  • Mrs. Bauer lives with her family near Munich

"Being together and learning from each other and are the keys to contentment. On the long run, they make organisations successful."

Mrs. Broekmates current focus is management development with the help of the CAF-model, leadership coaching, team supervision, leadership retreats and improving leadership skills.

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  • Political Science studies at the Free University of Amsterdam; focus: organisational teaching, administrative science
  • Consultant for modernisation in several municipalities (Hilversum, Hamburg)
  • Senior consultant at Price Waterhouse Cooper for 2.5 years
  • Management skills:
    - Self-evaluation and organisational development through CAF-model and EFQM-model (used in public sector)
    - Trainings and seminars on the topics of self-management, work-life-balance, quality management, process design and process enhancement, project management
    - She accompanied more than 100 leadership and team retreats
  • Mrs. Broekmate is coach for leaders of medium-sized businesses, for the public sector and healthcare
  • She is supervisor for consulting teams and moderator of conflict (individual and teams)
  • She offers individual coaching to increase physical fitness and body awareness
  • Publications on quality management in the public sector, e.g. in: Verwaltungsmanagement und Organisation (Publisher Rainer Paulic Frankfurt 2012, Verlag für Verwaltungswissenschaft)
  • Born in 1963; she lives in Cologne with her family

Mrs. Wetzel offers individual and team coaching, seminars to prevent stress and for time-/self-management. Mrs. Wetzel also offers team building trainings and a development programme for young leaders and emerging talents.

More information
  • Certificates in:
    - Psychological Kinesiology (Schliebitz, Bonn)
    - Systemic Coach (Dr. Horn, Brick & Partner, Munich)
    - Coaching Intensive (LIW, Lohmar)
    - Systemic Family Constellations (Regina Blum, Langenbrettach)
    - Contemplative Psychology (Upaya gGmbH, Cologne)
  • She has been studying and practicing Buddhist meditation since 2006
  • Born in 1965; she lives with her husband near Heilbronn

"The goal of my work is to cultivate individual responsibility and awareness through conversation and communication skills."

"Mindfulness means developing awareness and to become aware of ourselves."

Marion Kusterer is business coach and trainer for communication as well as for mindfulness. Before she has worked for The Boston Consulting Group for more than 10 years. She also acquired leadership experience from holding various executive positions at Allianz SE and the otto group. Mindfulness does play an increasingly important role in Marion´s life. Having been practicing mindfulness for over 10 years she meanwhile has integrated the practices not only into her private life but also as key aspect of her work.

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Lives in Hamburg, Germany, with Family

Systemic leadership coaching, supervision, communication training based on dialogues, incstructor for mindfulness trainer and MBSR trainer (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), member of the board of the Society for Awareness Science and Awareness Culture, integral psychotherapy.

Begoña Martinez has worked at the World Economic Forum since 2008 where she has pioneered the inclusion of mindfulness topics in the Davos agenda, having designed the mindfulness and well-being programmes in close partnership with key thought-leaders in the field such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, Daniel Goleman or Richard Davidson. She is currently the Director of the Ripa International Center in the outskirts of Bern, a center dedicated to the development of mindful living.

More information
  • MBA in International Management of the University of Geneva
  • Professional Coach Diploma with the Coaches Training Institute
  • Practicum and Mind-Body Medicine retreats with the Center for Mindfulness of the University of Massachussets, following the method developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • Master in Translation and Interpretation in English, French and Spanish and regular interpreter in public talks on Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness
  • Invited regularly by professional human resources associations to present on the benefits of mindfulness practice in leadership development
  • Born in 1968 and of Spanish nationality, she lives in the outskirts of Bern with her newly adopted cat, Lux.

Begona Martinez has practiced meditation for over 15 years and is passionate about the potential of mindfulness practice to develop resonant organizations.

Mr. Eberling is management consultant focusing on project management and change-management.
He is specialized in supporting companies towards a higher project oriented organization. He also assists project leaders and teams in their daily project work or works as trainer and coach with topics like self-management, team work and social skills, leadership and mindfulness.

More information
  • Economic Studies, focus on organisational psychology as well as on corporate leadership and organisation (University of Augsburg)
  • After more than seven years of operational experience working in different projects and leading project teams, he worked as a consultant for project management and change-management (Dr. Göhring & Partner, Tiba Management Consulting, Lüders Partner)
  • Certificates: # Systemic Consultant (Train, Wien/ Seliger, Exner and others)
 # Management Consultant (University of Applied Sciences Neustadt of Viena/ 
 Titscher, Hasenzagl and others)
 # Training at Lüders Partner as change facilitator and organisational consultant
  • For over more than 25 years Harald explores different philosophical and psychological ideologies and topics: from astrology to humanistic psychology, from NLP to transactional analysis, from systems theory and constructivism to Buddhism
  • Meditation and mindfulness practice are integral parts of his life; he goes on several retreats per year
  • Currently Mr. Eberling does his MA in ‘Contemplative Psychotherapy’ at the Nalanda Institute in New York and Barcelona (Joe Loizzo, Richard Davidson, Robert Thurman, Rick Hanson, Miles Neale, Sharon Salzberg u.a.)
  • Born 1968; he lives in Barcelona


Former senior executive at the headquarters of Amnesty International and President Emeritus of the global Shambhala organisation, Richard Reoch offers and supervises retreats worldwide. He specialises in inter-cultural communication and mindfulness practices for social activists.

More information
  • Born into a Buddhist family in Canada (1948); graduated from Trinity College, the University of Toronto (1970)
    Positions at Amnesty International: Regional Liaison Officer for Asia (1974 – 1980); Head of the Press Office (1978-1980); Global media chief (1980 – 1994)

International Projects 1995 - present

  • Chair, International Working Group on Sri Lanka (consortium of diplomats and major international agencies working in Sri Lanka) (1995 – present)
  • Representative of the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture on the Indo-British Project for the Prevention of Torture of the Indian National Human Rights Commission and the British Council (2002-2003)
  • Facilitator, Strategic Planning Meetings, the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, established under the Belfast Agreement (2000)
  • Review of the publications programme of UNICEF UK (1999)
  • Independent human rights expert attached to the UK government’s Department for International Development evaluation of the International Committee of the Red Cross and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees activity in the conflict zones in Sri Lanka (1998)
  • Media expert on the Election Observation Mission for the Extraordinary Presidential Election in Armenia for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (1998)
  • Evaluator for The Westminster Foundation of Article 19 research and report on Freedom of Expression and the Media in Belarus,  (1998)
  • Chair, Executive Committee, The Rainforest Foundation International (1996 – 1998)


  • Editor, Human Rights: The New Consensus, Regency Press in collaboration with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.
  • Author of Preventing Torture, the Official Handbook for Field Staff of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)
  • Author of Dying Well: a Holistic Guide for the Dying and their Care Givers.


Experience of more than 25 years in designing and facilitating systemic and mindfulness-based organizational , team, and leadership development processes. Coaching and career counseling. Mindfulness Training (MBCT) in both the organizational and public sector. Chairperson of the Institute for Mindfulness. The practice and attitude of mindfulness in work and life has created both nourishment and space for development for 30 years.

More information
  • Dipl. Psychologist FH Zürich
  • Consultant for systemic organizational development, IEF Zürich
  • MSt in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Oxford University
  • Diploma in Relational Mindfulness, Karuna Institute in Devon
  • NLP Practitioner, NLP Association Vienna
  • Training in systemic coaching, solution-focused brief therapy.
  • Contemplative practice, training, and retreats in Tao, Zen and Buddhism (Theravada) since 1982
  • Born in 1961, lives in Zell (CH) und Queen Charlotte (CA)

„To remember: Here it is, this moment of experience – directly touching it, opening up to all experience equally, and exploring it. This process fosters spaciousness, new perspectives, connection, and deep joy.“


Friedhelm Boschert works as executive coach and strategy advisor.  He’s founder of "Mindful Solutions". He had leading roles in German and International banks for more than 20 years, most recently as CEO of an international banking group. He practicing meditation and mindful exercises since more than 20 years and introduced meditation as a leadership practice in his company. At different universities he’s lecturing leadership, corporate social responsibility and „Mindful Management“.


As an Executive EnergyUp, Resilience & Health Coach, Thomas is presenting keynotes, seminars and workshops in Asia/North America. His calm presence and authentic passion. comes from his long-time practice of Tai Chi (gold medal winner of Tai Chi Quan Shanghai Tournament 2011). His corporate, entrepreneurship and coaching experiences enriches his approach to mindfulness in a business context.

More information
  • Prior to coaching & training on physical vitality, emotional intelligence and mindfulness, he was a lean strategy consultant.
  • 8 years of entrepreneurship in the context of multi-culture especially when East meets the West.
  • Director, GM experience in tele-communication and service industry
  • Working extensively with C-level groups to engage, energize and enable high performance.
  • Holds EMBA with Richard Ivey School of Business, Western University, London, Canada.
  • Lives with his wife and two kids in Oakville, Canada.


Jeroen Janss is a mindfulness teacher and resilience coach. Brussels based, he works with many of the International Institutions, corporations and NGOs. He balances 15+ years of corporate and leadership experience with development through mindfulness, yoga and spending time in nature.

More information
  • Masters in International Relations (University of Groningen, The Netherlands).
  • Certified Mindfulness, Compassion and Yoga trainer.
  • Founder of “What We Share”, bringing people together through silence, dialogue and work with nature.
  • Founder of “Amwell”, resilience coaching and monitoring stress and wellbeing with wearable sensors.
  • Former Head of Emerging Markets EMEA and New Venture Leader at global consulting firm “Willis Towers Watson”.
  • Born in 1973, he lives with his family in Brussels.
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