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Many people have a longing to bring about a real change in how we work together, the quality and meaning of working life. Research is showing us that such skills like emotional and social intelligence, compassion, mindfulness can have a real positive impact on working life – both in terms of effectiveness and a felt sense of being at work.

In our collaborative network society, these soft and hard aspects of leading – leading effectively with a good heart – are not in conflict, but actually can be combined. We need to learn new skills and habits for this.

We view mindfulness as an essential practice in bringing about such change – being mindful we begin to notice our leadership habits, and how we can shift these to include more social and emotional intelligence, as well as focus and productivity.

We believe deeply in integrating research, personal practices and business skills – to bring about real change. Everyone has a potential to cultivate their authentic leaedership – and in this way contribute to bringing about positive change to their organisations and societies.

We would like to help you unlock this.


"Slowing-down, less stress, better perception, attention, empathy and a natural interest in sustainability- all of these are natural results of mindfulness practices such as meditation. Therefore, mindfulness in everyday management is a very pragmatic pathway to a more emotionally intelligent and sustainable style of leadership. When it comes to the question of ‘how do we do this?’, there have been few answers. We believe that mindfulness is an answer- and an essential one." - Liane Stephan



We have worked for over 30 global companies Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA and Asia in integrating mindfulness into their leadership. A list of companies we have worked with is available on request.

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We live in a constantly changing world - and we ourselves can only develop and grow if we in turn are open to change.
This is a year of transition for us. We are shedding off our old name, and undergoing a transformation. Our mindfulness focused leadership academy is growing up – to a more encompassing transformational approach. Inner climate change has to go hand in hand with outer change. For a self that is authentic and vital. For a we that inspires and is encompassing.
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