Mindfulness Trainer Development

Certification in mindulness methods for working life

December 2015: This training is taught in German language - The next training in late autumn 2016 will be held in English.

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Mindfulness has become increasingly well established as beneficial and transformative form of training and development for leaders and organizations. There are many experienced trainers who would like to integrate mindfulness methods in their work, and HR personnel are also looking to see how mindfulness interventions can be integrated into their professional work.

This professional training is designed to provide a competence in two associated fields, necessary for applying mindfulness practices in working life:

  • Mindfulness and associated methods
  • Basic introduction to neurophysiology and in particular social neuroscience

This training runs for a period of  12 to 14 months and includes seminars, intervision (peer) groups, supervised project as well as webinars. Participants in this training must practice mindfulness regularly as part of this training, to ensure familiarity with the methods.

“The success of an intervention depends on the inner state of the intervener.“ – Bill O‘ Brien CEO Hanover Insurance


Leaders, trainers, consultants, coaches, HR managers who want to integrate mindfulness into their working world and context.

Contents of the training

The contents of the training are comprised of four related fields. Direct experience and experiential learning is combined with knowledge and didactic processes, so that the potential trainers learn core skills for working with others in a training setting.

  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Compassion meditation
  • Body Scan
  • Meditation in action
  • Mindful walking
  • Mindful communication and dialogs
  • Mindfulness with emotions
  • Mindfulness and time
  • Basic structure of the brain
  • The evolution of the brain
  • Neurophysiology and neuroplasticity of the brain
  • Neurophysiology of emotions
  • Attention and focus
  • Social brain
  • Rolle of mirror neurons and social resonance
  • Creating the basis
  • Mindfulness and awareness
  • Objects of mindfulness
  • 9 Stages of mindfulness
  • Mindfulness and compassion
  • Insight and study
  • Contemplative psychology
  • Diddactic in learning processes
  • Social systems
  • Asking rather than telling
  • Group settings and methods
  • Structure of a seminar
  • Dealing with obstacles (fear, blockages, difficult situations)

Overview of the training

  • Duration 12 to 14 months
  • Location: Bensberg near Cologne
  • 4 Modules each 2 Days / 3 webinars each 2 hours / 4 day retreat / 1.5 days supervision / 1.5 days final seminar – total of 16 days
  • Certificate: Mindfulness practitioner for organisations
  • Costs 5100 Euros plus VAT
  • Room and board at 156 Euros per day / board only at 86 Euro per day

During the year intervision groups meet to reflect on the learnings and to deepen the training (15 hours).

Research articles and books will be part of the curriculum.

Participants have to commit to a regular practice of mindfulness during the training. Each participant also receives two individual mindfulness coachings.

Module 1 (2 days)

  • Introduction to mindfulness meditation
  • Objects of mindfulness
  • Nature of thoughts
  • Mindful walking
  • Introduction to the structure of the brain
  • Mindfulness and neurophysiology

- Stress and Neurophysiology
- Mindfulness and mental health

Module 2 ( 2 days)

  • Deepening mindfulness practice
  • Mindulness and stress
  • Emotional patterns and energies
  • Mindfulness and working with emotions
  • Body scans
  • Neurophysiology of emotions and social neuroscience

Webinar: Buddhist psychology (insight, radical acceptance and interdependence)

Module 3 ( 2 days)

  • Deepening mindfulness practice
  • Self-awareness and insight
  • Space awareness and presence
  • Authenticity
  • Deepening mindfulness in action
  • Facing one’s patterns with gentleness

Webinar: contemplative psychology /resilience and mindfulness

4 day retreat

  • Deepening of mindfulness practice
  • Mindfulness in daily life (walking, running, cooking)
  • Mindful Feedback
  • Change of perspective
  • Instructing mindfulness

Module 4 (2 days)

  • Deepening mindfulness
  • Mindfulness in organization work
  • 1.5 day supervision
  • Review discussion of cases and projects
  • Final seminar
  • Testing and certification
  • Leading mindfulness practice
  • Presenting own project and results
  • Self reflection and development
  • Feedback in the group

Start in April 2015

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