Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness coaching sharpens our perceptions and opens new horizons


Mindfulness coaching offers a professional, focused time and space in which we can support individuals or teams in particularly challenging or new situations.


Executives, senior management, HR teams and project teams as well as departments or divisional groups.


We offer executive, team, goal and life balance coaching. Integrating mindfulness into the coaching process expands our perception and possibilities. In this form of coaching you will strengthen the following abilities and qualities:

  • Being present with yourself and resting your mind
  • Being sensitive to signals, perceiving which resonance is arising, understanding how to nurture insights and realization in oneself or teams
  • Speaking and listening mindfully
  • Perceiving with curiosity and without judgement
  • Sharpening perception and becoming more accurate in ones thinking

In such a coaching process we apply mindfulness based methods: meditation, body, breath and movement awareness exercises, mindful dialog, space awareness exercises. On this basis mindfulness based coaching can lead to a new attitude and range of perceptions.


"We integrate mindfulness based coaching in our work with leaders and in leadership development. We meet them at eyes levels and offer our insights, our knowledge, our experience and our resonance. We work with the assumption that they already have the solution to their problem with them, and help this potential to unfold. In our contact we create time and space – within which we can work together to identify and work towards a goal." - Liane Stephan


The coaching process is embedded in a clear clarification of what exactly the assignment is, and based on that a clear frame for timing and contents of the process.

Our trainers have a breadth of experience working with leadership teams in coaching, and have many years of training and experience in coaching

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