Mindful Leadership

2 year program - Mindfulness in Leadership


Mindfulness is essential in leadership. This point of view is being increasingly shared by leadership thinkers and researchers. Successful leadership in today’s knowledge and network based society requires constructive collaboration, a clear focus, emotional and systemic intelligence as well as a high vitality and resilience. At the same time the speed and fragmentation of working life is undermining a lot of these skills or traits – many leaders are in danger of becoming one dimensional, hectic, restless and exhausted.

This training accompanies leaders that want to deepen their mindfulness practices in their leadership life, and supports them through training, neuroscience, coaching, peer groups and webinars.


This deepening program is for leaders who have some experience with mindfulness and want to deepen this topic in their work as leaders.


  • Deepening the practice and experience of mindfulness and connected to this the abilities to manage stress in a creative manner and cultivate a sense of inner calm.
  • Extending the understanding of vitality, energy management and learning methods to support this in ones daily habits.
  • Deepening of self awareness and emotional intelligence and how to cultivate resonance in leadership
  • Deepening of mindfulness in communication, to strengthen an appreciative and collaborative leadership style
  • Applied mindfulness methods that can be used in team development, creativity work and conflict management.
  • Cultivation of a personal values compass and the ability to connect vision and inspiration with practice and daily working life

More information on the contects and the structure of this training can be received on request.


The training offers a chance for participants to strengthen their leadership practices around mindfulness, authenticity and emotional intelligence.

To examine the impact of this training there will be a number of standard tests and self/peer assessments during the course of this training. The evauation of this will be done by our university partners. It is the first such project worldwide that will accompany leaders in the cultivation of mindfulness practices over a period of two years.

We always emphasise the scientific evaluation of our trainings – for one it helps participants really assess and measure what the results for them are, and it helps HR departments measure the impact of such trainings on organizational life.

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