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Mindfulness in leadership development


In the past years, mindfulness research and also general neurophysiological research as well as specifically the field of neuroleadership have brought forth many important insights about engagement, happiness, productivity, collaborative leadership and the role of emotional intelligence in the knowledge society.

Many companies want to introduce these insights into their existing leadership development programs. Through the integration of mindfulness based methods and insights into existing leadership development programs these insights and learning can be anchored in the leadership culture of an organization.


Together with HR departments we can craft modules and workshops that are suitable for integration in leadership development programs for junior and senior executives.


The cultivation of authentic leadership and social and emotional intelligence requires both competences as well as a personal transformation. Tools coupled with an inner awareness. The combination of insights from neuroscience with mindfulness based methods to help bring these insights into practice, form the basis for successful leadership development.

The following are some of the topics that can be integrated into modules, and are comprised of insights as well as tools/practices.

Self management

  • Attention and focus vs multi-tasking – how to manage our attention and get things done
  • The intelligence of emotions – perception of emotions and the cultivation of emotional intelligence through mindfulness methods
  • The importance of mental calm for insight and problem solving
  • Time - the changes of time perception under stress and how we to overcome some typical problems in time management
  • Cultivation of mindfulness for the present moment and the associated development of authenticity

Leading others

  • Mirror neurons and the social brain – how we always feel what other feels and how to cultivate social intelligence
  • Mindful communication – how to really listen and to cultivate resonance in dialogues.
  • Dealing with conflicts – non judgment and awareness in solving conflicts
  • Mindful team development

Further thoughts

In addition to the above modules that can be integrated into leadership develpment initiatives, we offer some further ways of working with mindfulness:


"We always develop the goals for a training together with our clients. The core of the work is fed from three fields of knowledge and training – mindfulness, neuroscience and systemic leadership theory. The personal experiential experience of participants is supported by thousand year old practices of mindfulness. In my experience this works and helps rediscover the joy in leadership." - Liane Stephan


We are happy to work with you to understand you needs for your leadership team. Feel free to contact us.

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