Overview of our Services

Learning mindfulness methods for leadership. Cultivating authenticity and social skills. Establishing a mindful culture in organisations. We offer a range of ways to both introduce and deepen mindfulness in organisations.

Our services

  • For companies – Developing and implementing mindfulness programs in the organization and in leadership development
  • For individuals – Mindfulness based coaching, time out seminars, as well as certified training in Systemic coaching as well as in Mindfulness training
  • Annual Mindfulness Forum, bringing together organisations and mindfulness research

Mindful Leadership

2 year deepening training in mindfulness and authentic leadership


Leadership Development

Integrating mindfulness in leadership development programs



10 week program to establish mindfulness in working life


Mindfulness Coaching

Executive, team, goal and life balance coaching


Mindfulness Trainer Devel.

1 year initial training for HR managers, trainers and executives


Systemic Coaching

18 months training with certification in systemic coaching with mindfulness and neurophysiology integrated

“Mindfulness is a central aspect of our work. We place a great deal of emphasis on the cultivation of mindfulness and the application of mindfulness for leaders in their working day. Our work always occurs in conjunction with research. Cultivating mindfulness is more than just learning another tool – it is about cultivating a deep self awareness, broader perception and social intelligent interactions. One could say that mindfulness is that which binds all that we do as a leader together.” – Liane Stephan

“A study in 2007 looked at 500 leaders and categoriised them in different levels of leadership agility. Many were good functional managers, but only 5 to 10% of them were really exceptional leaders. And the interesting thing: more than 50% of this small group had a regular meditation or contemplative practice.” – Christopher Tamdjidi
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Welcome to awaris.

We live in a constantly changing world - and we ourselves can only develop and grow if we in turn are open to change.
This is a year of transition for us. We are shedding off our old name, and undergoing a transformation. Our mindfulness focused leadership academy is growing up – to a more encompassing transformational approach. Inner climate change has to go hand in hand with outer change. For a self that is authentic and vital. For a we that inspires and is encompassing.
See the difference soon - we look forward to sharing our new intention and work with you shortly.